GRT MLED-150 LED Grow Light


The MLED-150 is a passively cooled 150W LED light with a modular driver, powered by Samsung LM301H horticultural diodes.

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The MLED-150 is GRT Horticulture’s modular bar-type LED fixture from the new MLED series, designed to be paired with other MLED’s or used in conjunction with other lighting systems.

The MLED-150 is a passively cooled 150W LED light with a modular driver that allows the user to position the driver outside of the grow space if desired.

The MLED series use the current best diodes in the world for horticultural applications, the LM301H by Samsung, with additional 660nm deep red diodes along side. These diodes are designed with a spectral output that has proven to produce the best rates of growth.

Model Name  MLED-150
LED  208 x Samsung LM301H 3000K, 16 x 660nm Deep Red
PPF  –
Efficacy  3.03 µmol/J
Input Power  1.7A (100-240V)
Input Voltage  100-277VAC – 50/60Hz
Output Power Range  150W
Coverage Area  4×1’ Flowering, 4×2’ Vegetative
Housing Material  Aluminium
Thermal Management  Passive Cooling
Power Supply  MeanWell ELG-150-48A
Dimensions (Light only)  1150mm x 75mm x 45mm
Warranty  1.5 Years
Maximum PSU Temperature  90° Celsius
Recommended Hanging Height 30-40cm